July 05, 2011

My Favorites: Cupcakes

I'm a huge fan of cupcakes! I've tasted many of them and could not leave out the two most famous: Magnolia Bakery (NY) and Sprinkles (LA). Magnolia Bakery already has a store here in LA (pic below), but my first experience was at the original store on Bleecker St, New York. It's a small shop, old fashioned and very charming. They also offer cakes, pies and brownies. The cupcakes are very tasty, but they ctick to the classics (chocolate, vanilla and red velvet).

In the case of Sprinkles, they are the first "cupcakery" in Beverly Hills and do not serve nothing but cupcakes and a few drinks like milk and water, but they have a huge variety of flavors (lemon, chocolate, vanilla, carrot, coconut, banana, red velvet and special editions). Prepare to face a line, but it doesn't take long! The cupcakes are very tasty, and when in doubt, go with Red Velvet (the white one in this photo!).

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