July 19, 2011

Brazilian Culture - Documentaries

I'm a huge fan of documentaries and it's been a while that Brazil has embarked on this bandwagon by creating incredible movies about our culture and history. Last year I saw Simonal - No One Knows How Tough It Was and The Man Who Bottled Clouds, and besides the great amount of good music, I was delighted with the visual, the content and the quality of these productions.

To my great surprise, I've just watched the trailer of Filhos de João - O Admirável Mundo Novo Baiano (something like: Children of John - The Great World Novo Baiano) and it was automatically added to my "to watch" list. It is a documentary about the music and musicians from a group from the 60's and 70's called Novos Baianos, which will be released on July 22 in some cities in Brazil. And it seems that the viewers will have 76 minutes of Brazilian culture and good music!
For now, the documentary is only available in theatres in Brazil but whenever you have the opportunity, it's always great to support your or other cultures, especially when we have high-quality documentaries like these!

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  1. Eu trouxe o filme do Simonal para a Marina . Assisti no Brasil, no cinema, e adorei!