January 24, 2012

NY - Food Markets

One of the things I wanted to do in NY was to visit the Chelsea Market and Eataly.
I've heard a lot about these two markets for quite some time, so I went there to check them out:

Chelsea Market

Located in Chelsea, this market is so cute! A super charming building (a former biscuit factory), beautifully decorated, has butcher, bakery, kitchen supply store, many choices of sweets (cookies, cupcakes, cakes), ice creams, chocolates etc..
With live music and calm environment, you can sit at the tables and eat a snack made with fresh ingredients.

This market is an Italian food paradise! 
Sofisticated but alive and packed during lunch time, has it all: butcher, pasta, fish, cafeteria, ice cream, dairy, restaurants, snack bars, kitchen supply, cookbooks, wines and beers etc..

I ate a mortadela and cheese sandwich, and suplí (fried rice cake stuffed with mozzarella). Dio Santo, what a delight!

Two different options, but equally delicious!

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