January 30, 2012

In love: gold

I'm always rearranging and changing the decor of my house, and it's been quite some time that I'm paying more attention to golden pieces, and I'm in love with it!
I've always kept an eye on metallics and, with the holidays, it was much easier to find great things. Now, I'm gonna share with you some nice pieces that will change your home - for the better - for sure:

Zebra Cowride Rug (I love this rug, and it is also available in silver)

Drinking glasses

Bowl (amazing, isn't it? And you can also use it as center piece, for your big pieces jewelry etc)


Bodum coffee maker (also available in silver)

Another beautiful bowl.


Set of small bowls (you can also use it for your jewelry; inside your drawers; in your bathroom; on the counters...)

Gold for every taste, from the more exaggerated to the more discreet!

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