January 31, 2012

My Favorites: Burger Joint, NY

If you like a good and cheap burger, when in NY, you have to stop by at Burger Joint.

Located in a hidden corner in the lobby of the fancy Le Parker Meridien Hotel, you will be amazed with the environment (ultra simple, tiny, walls covered with writtings and drawings) and the burger.

It's straight to the point: you stand in a line and when it's your turn, you choose between hamburger or cheeseburger, how you like it cooked, a few ingredients, french fries, drinks, brownie and that's it. When your order is ready, they will call your name.

If you're lucky (I was!), you can find a table and eat your burger there. Otherwise you have to eat it standing, on the street or at home (I went there dinner time, around 19h, and the restaurant was crowded all the time, but the line goes very fast)

The flavor is delicious, the meat is very tasty, the ingredients are fresh, and the french fries are crisp.
Burger Joint joined the list of my favorite hamburgers!

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