January 04, 2012

Having fun!

Last week I had the opportunity to go to three different attractions: Michael Jackson - The Immortal World Tour (by Cirque du Soleil), the stand up comedy with Jerry Seinfeld and a Pink Martini concert.

Michael Jackson - The Immortal World Tour, in Las Vegas, had a very short season and the venue was temporary. The structure, as in all Cirque productions, was amazing, but because it's a musical spectacle, as Viva Elvis and The Beatles, is not so much "circus", but lots of music, colors and technology. I think this show is a preview of what's to come in 2013, when Cirque debuts the permanent attraction.

I'm a fan of the sitcom Seinfeld for years, and after losing some opportunities, we finally got a spot in the audience to see Jerry Seinfeld live. Excellent! It is a show that you laugh from beginning to end, but for my foreign friends, the English has to be sharp and you have to know a little bit of the American "way of life" because this is what he makes fun about!

On Dec 31st, we went to a Pink Martini concert. Loved it! The band is American, but most of the songs are sung in other languages ​​like French, Mandarin, Hebrew, Turkish and Spanish. Their rhythm is sooo good! If you do not know them, I suggest searching on the internet and listen to some of their music. And when you get a chance, go to the concert!

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