January 24, 2012

New York, New York

I'm back after two weeks of trips, tourism, food and fun; and nothing better than starting with a post about one of the cities that I love most: New York!

With light, people, food and novelty, the city is amazing! I had the opportunity to visit it a few times, and each one of them I find a different NY.
This time I went with my mom, who was visiting the city for the first time, so I had to focus on touristic spots, but I had some amazing tips from "locals", so we got to visit different places as well.
Tourists or not tourists, NY remains very charming! Below are some photos taken during walks through the streets...

Lights at Rockefeller Center

NY' tradition: food carts

Colorful mini markets

Magnolia Bakery (yes, here I am again!)

Times Square

Brooklyn Bridge


Statue of Liberty

Central Park
NY at night

New construction at Ground Zero

Empire State

Streets of NY

Next posts I will talk about food (of course!), and give you tips of other places you should visit when in town!

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