November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Very different from Thanksgiving 2011 that was just my hubby and me, this year I had 10 people (and two little people!) over to celebrate this amazing date!

Preparations began on the previous week doing the decor (and a great excuse to chat with friends, eat and drink!)

Each one was responsible for one or more dishes and I got the turkey.
I did the same process of brining and preparing the turkey. I also made cranberry sauce (this one was better than last year: I got a recipe with Porto wine!) and farofa (a Brazilian version of stuffing)
The menu included: caramelized root vegetables, mashed potatoes, rice with almonds, arugula salad with beets, goat cheese and hazelnuts.

As starters, we had a better version of my baked brie (with peach jam!), prosciutto, salami, fresh-baked breads and burrata.

Nobody cared much for dessert but we had fruits, ice cream, pie and I made a mint brownie that was very good!

We also gave special attention to drinks and prepared several cocktails, and sparkling wine which is a must in all my celebrations!

They were delicious hours surrounded by people we care. While away - geographically - from our families, we have friends we can count on. And because of that and all the other good things that happen everyday in our lives that hubby and I couldn't pass on this date, celebrate and give thanks!

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