November 04, 2012


After about 6 years, I returned to one of the most beautiful places in the world: Hawaii!

Some things have changed a lot, but the most important thing remains the same: the island is still amazing!
We went - again- to Oahu. Considered the most touristic island, Oahu is almost always the last option for those who want to relax, enjoy extreme outdoor sports and stay away from crowds. But I managed to do it all! (except for the extreme sports - I wasn't born with the adventurous gene ;)
The secret is to stay in a resort a little further away. And since the island is very small, you can get pretty quickly anywhere!
Here's a little of what this trip was. As you can see, there were no restaurants, bars, fancy places. Only beach, sea, bikini, sun, blue sky and informal food!

Tree with twisted and intricate stems

A tribute to Duke Kahanamoku (Hawaiian surfer who helped popularize modern surfing), Waikiki Beach

Believe it or not but here is where the giant waves annual championship happens! (Banzai Pipeline)

Downtown Haleiwa, North Shore.

Rainbow, North Shore.

"Pumpkin Trees" (don't ask me how...)

The most famous shrimp in Oahu: Giovanni's Shrimp Truck

Two of the three dishes they serve: shrimp with garlic and oil, and shrimp with butter (the third is a spicy one. And I guess it's very spicy because they have a sign saying they will not refund anyone...)

I don't know how I could have waited that much to return to this amazing island... Mahalo (thank you in Hawaiian) and see you soon!

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