October 29, 2012

Dia de los Muertos

This Saturday I had a very different experience: I went to Dia de Los Muertos celebration at the most famous cemetery in LA, the Hollywood Forever.

Before you think I'm a depressive person, for those who don't know, the "Day of the Dead" is a day celebrated with joy and celebration for many cultures, especially the Mexican one. And this event is basically for the Latino audiences.
It was a huge party with food, souvenirs, music concerts, folk dances and many altars honoring those who have passed away. But I have to tell you that the cemetery is an attraction in itself!

Many people dressed up. And my dear friend Tania and I got on the bandwagon and got our faces painted!

We also ate tacos, bought souvenirs and had fun!

The "Day of the Dead" (Nov. 2 in Brazil) can be a day of celebration. For sure we miss the people we lost, but instead of focusing on loss and longing, why don't we use that date (and many others) to remember the good and happy times lived with them, right?

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