February 09, 2012

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Ready for a quick lesson on nutrition? So here we go:

Here in the U.S., dietitians are suggesting the Extra Virgin Coconut Oil to replace other vegetable oils and butters, because it's healthier.
I'm not an expert, but what I've read and heard about this is that studies with people who have coconut as the basis of their diet have an excellent cardiovascular health. According to these studies, the saturated fat found in coconut oil is good for heart health, gives thyroid a boost, improves metabolism and, unlike vegetable oils and butters which, when heated, oxidize, causing problems to your body, coconut oil can withstand the heat of cooking.
I was curious so I bought a jar. It's twice the price of a canola oil, it's solid and has no taste or smell whatsoever. I've used a lot, but I think it won't work as salad dressings, and I haven't had the courage to bake with it.
If coconut oil has all these qualities, I don't know, but if has one more than the others, that's fine to me. Oh, and don't be fooled, this oil has tons of calories and is composed mainly of saturated fat (healthier than others, but still saturated fat).
If, like me, you're interested, do the research, talk to experts and make your own conclusions. Be open to try new things, but don't be radical. After all, everything in moderation is good!

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