February 10, 2012


We're celebrating this week's Cheers! with Crystal Head Vodka.

This vodka has an interesting history: 13 crystal skulls were mysteriously found in different regions of the world (from American southwest to Tibet), and to this day nobody knows neither how nor by whom they were made. It's also said they transmit spiritual power and enlightenment to those who possess them.
And because of this whole aura of mystery, the actor Dan Aykroyd decided to create a vodka and sell it in this amazing skull-shaped bottle.

Since I lived in Mexico, where skulls also have this meaning of life and not death, I am slowly getting used to it and I already have some items in my home and closet. And, of course, this vodka is one of them!
If you don't drink, you can have it as a decor item, but it's also a pretty cool gift to a vodka - or skull - lover!

A very lovely weekend to all! (and start enjoying Valentine's Day!)

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