February 13, 2012

And the Oscar goes to...

Last week, me, hubby and my in-laws, made ​​a bet for the Oscar: the couple who guesses more nominations will win a dinner paid by "the loser couple". That's because we love watching the Oscars and this year, as my in-laws are here with us, this was a great idea to make the ceremony even more interesting (menu to be defined!).
So we're are trying to watch as many movies as possible (at least those nominated for best picture, actor and actress), and this past weekend we saw:

I'm not a film critic, but as a film lover, I can say that the three of them are worth being watched. One movie is very different from the other, but all of them with captivating stories and great cast.
If all the other nominated movies are as good as these, this year's ceremony will be exciting!

This cinema adventure to be continued next weekend...

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