June 19, 2011

Shoe organizing...

No matter the amount of shoes we have, it's always a good idea to store them properly so they last longer and you do not get crazy looking for a lost pair! Here are some tips to keep your shoes organized and protected:
1 - Analyze your closet: Is the size appropriate? Is it functional?
2 - take a look at all your shoes and ask yourself: which models do I like? How often do I wear them? Which ones I haven't wore for a while? (in this case, donate them. In addition to creating more space, you'll feel good!)
3 - Keep all your shoes in a transparent labeled box or bag. So you will be able to see every pair and much easier to identify them.
4 - Shoes that are not used frequently can be stored on higher shelves or even in another place (still in transparent packaging and labeled);
5 - Keep your shoes clean (upper, sole, insole). Boot shapers are useful to maintain the shape of tall boots (tip: if you do not have boot shaper, roll a thick magazine and place it inside the boot. The result will be the same!)
Follow these tips you will surely find more space in your closet to buy that dreaming new pair of shoes!

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