June 12, 2011

My Favorites: Frozen Yogurt

In Los Angeles there is a frozen yogurt store every corner. But they've just landed in Brazil. Americans are crazy for it and have it all year round. There are several different flavors and in many cases ythey are so creamy and tasty that you cannot even remember they are made with yogurt, and the best part: with half (or less) calories than a regular ice cream! I am a huge fan of frozen also, and whenever I feel I need some sweet I go to Pinkberry for a classic frozen yogurt with fruits, and The Bigg Chill when I want something, let's say, more substantial. It is a simple place that offers delicious low and fat free options. It's always packed but is very fast and easy to get your frozen. My favorite is peanut butter, but they also have mocha, Ghirardelli chocolate and so on ... The frozen in the pic is small size, half mocha half peanut butter from The Bigg Chill. Humm ... My mouth is watering!

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