June 16, 2011


A few months ago I went to Paris and Portugal (more on this in future posts), and couldn't avoid to notice several differences between Europeans and Americans in regards to mobile technology. I realized that Europeans still appreciate a personal, non-virtual coexistence. Over there is very common to find people with cel phones that "talks only" and I saw very few people preferring to give their attention to electronic gadgets over real people, mainly after business hours. In the U.S., Brazil and many other parts of the world, everyone has their high-tech cell phones all the time. They're almost like an extension of the arm and ears. And many "conversations" are actually texts (the speed this generation can text is jaw dropping!). I know the world is not the same, information fly and most of the jobs requires people to be connected all the time. I wouldn't give up many of the great tools we currently have (internet, msn, blogs, skype, google, google maps, facebook, linkedin etc.), but wouldn't it be healthier to try to get the best of both worlds and still have a good time meeting a friend in person, writing notes in a notebook or sending a card from time to time?

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