June 21, 2011


This year I learned some cool baking tips to make the cakes even softer and tastier. Some of them are very basic and others I haven't tested yet, but here they are:
- Always preheat the oven 10-15 minutes and follow recipe's timing and mixer speeds
- Measure liquid ingredients at eye level
- Use large eggs (about 1/4 cup)
- Still in the pre-heating, place a bowl (that can go in the oven) with a inch of water inside the oven, on the lowest rack (not to close to the cake pan), and keep it there while baking. It makes the cake more moist, softer and grows evenly (good for decorating). Do not do this if you want your cake with a peak top.
- Each oven has a different cooking time. If your oven heats up quickly, use a temperature slightly below the one indicated in the recipe. Otherwise, increase it (slightly!)
- Place you cake centered in the oven
- Wrap the sides of the pan with foil (here in the U.S. there is a Bake-even Cake Strip). The cake will rise evenly and avoid cracking the top.
- Do not check the cake before completing 20 minutes of baking (you can change the rising process)
- Use a toothpick, knife or cake tester to know when the cake is ready (place it right in the center)
- Let the cake cool completely before unmolding it. If you want, you can freeze it. Just wrap it in foil.

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