June 15, 2011

Food Inc Documentary

A few days ago I watched the documentary Food Inc. It draws attention to some important  issues about our food, such as the way animals are treated from slaughterhouses to the supermarkets; the concern about what these animals eat, how they sleep and the amount of hormones they have to take, and the relationship between buyers (fast food chains, supermarkets etc.) and slaughterhouses/farmers. I'm not going into details about the documentary, because I do think it is interesting to watch, but it is important to say that it's not a kind of brainwash to turn us into vegetarians. It only reports the striking facts and gives some suggestions which are very easily to use on a daily basis. If you are interested, below I list some of these suggestions (it's important to say tha it is a documentary made for and about the American market, but many things can be applied to any other country):
- Know the origin of your meat, eggs and dairy products (doing this you might have a better idea of how the animals are treated and the quality of the food)
- Go meatless once a week
- Choose meat from grass fed animals
- Buy organic food
- Buy free range and hormone free eggs
- Buy local
- Ask for healthier lunches at your kid's school
- Read the labels. You should know what you're buying
For more information about the documentary or what else you can do to improve the food you put on your table, visit the official website.

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