May 02, 2012

This week's DELIGHT: Chili - Version I

I was thinking about posting a cake recipe, but since today is cold or raining in almost everywhere, I decided to go for a comforting Chili recipe. In fact, this recipe is adapted from the original, which is Mexican and basically made ​​of ground beef and pork (and, in some versions, with beans). Hubby and I are huge fans and we make a lot, so I don't follow any recipe and I'm always creating different - healthier, of course - versions depending on what I have in the fridge. So, I will call this recipe Chili - Version I, because, I already have other versions around!

It's a perfect dish for cold and rainy days. Since it's a complete meal (has grains, protein, vegetable etc), there is no need to serve anything else. It's very satisfying, warm and delicious!

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