May 08, 2012

Pink's Hot-Dogs, LA

It took me over three years to try Pink's Hot Dogs, but now I'm part of that huge army that made Pink's such a famous place in LA.

A few weeks ago, after having some cultural time, hubby and I decided to face the line (yes, there is always a line, always!) and finally get this famous hot-dog.

You can order your dog with pretty much everything: chili, guacamole, tomato, onions, sauerkraut and  more! I ordered a chili-dog (chili, cheese and onions) and hubby ordered a "special" one with bacon, guacamole and two dogs! (but I must say he did not eat the bacon).

We ate at one of the tables available in the back. They also have a parking lot, which is a good idea, since it's located on one of the busiest avenues of Hollywood.
But even before enjoying your dog, you will have fun checking out the attendants making dogs and frying tons of food, non-stop, right in front of you.

A great option when you're hungry and want some nice fast-food.

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