May 04, 2012


Today's Cheers! is celebrating Cinco de Mayo. The date is not known in Brazil, but is very celebrated here in the U.S. and in Mexico: it's the the Day of the Battle of Puebla. Puebla is a city in the North of Mexico, scene of a battle between the Mexican and French armies, in 1862, won and celebrated with great pride by the Mexicans. So here's the recipe for a very typical Mexican drink called Michelada, which is a cold and spicy beer!

1 bottle of beer (light or dark beer such as Corona or Negra Modelo)
juice of one lemon
a dash soy sauce
two dashes Worcestershire sauce
a dash Tabasco
a pinch black pepper
salt to garnish

Using a beer glass, salt the rim of the glass by rubbing lemon juice on it then dipping in the salt. Place all ingredients in the glass and add the beer (adding more as you sip). Some versions are served with ice (like the one pictured above), some without. It's up to you. It's a different drink, strong and spicy.
A delicious weekend to you all!

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