March 21, 2012

Getty Villa and Getty Center Museums

JP Getty was one of the wealthiest Americans in the world. An avid arts and antiques collector, his extensive collection is the soul of two great museums that bear his family name: Getty Center and Getty Villa. The two are quite different, but both have your own richness of content and history.
Getty Villa is the first of the two museums. It's smaller and beautifully located on top of a mountain overlooking PCH and the sea. It's dedicated to the study of Greek, Roman and Etruscan arts (including the gardens are Roman-inspired).

Getty Center, also located atop a mountain overlooking the entire city of LA, has a super-modern architecture and is huge! It's dedicated to Western arts from the Middle Age until today (I saw incredible temporary exhibits such as Leonardo da Vinci and Rembrandt) and the gardens. I was able to rescue a pic of my last visit, but I'll look into my archives and post others because it's beautiful. You can spend a whole day there!

When in LA, take some time to visit these museums. It's free! (you only pay for parking). You'll spend hours admiring not only the amazing collections and exhibitions, but also the view, the arquitecture and the pleasant environment that were designed to accomodate so much culture!

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