June 02, 2013

Eveleigh Restaurant - Los Angeles, CA

A nice place to have a delicious brunch this Spring season is the restaurant Eveleigh, in Hollywood, which has an amazing view of LA!

The place is super cool with 3 environments: an open courtyard right at the entrance (Sunset Bldv), a closed dinning room and an open dinning room at the back of the restaurant, with a beautiful view of Los Angeles.

The food is also very delicious. We had a spinach salad with raisins and ricotta, and baked eggs with spinach, mushrooms and cheese. So good!

The restaurant is quiet (when we got there - kind of late for brunch - it was almost empty), the decor is super cool, the portions are "normal", the food is fresh and the location is great!

Enjoying Spring with delicious food and nice atmosphere!

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