December 19, 2012


Dear readers, we are heading toward the end of another year and I want to use this last post to do a - very briefly - recap and thank you!
My posts have not been as steady and they used to be, but this is happening for several good reasons: new achievements, projects, travels, discoveries, friends, routine and celebrations. That's good, right? Of course I had my moments of sadness and disappointment, but nothing that compares to the joys of my life!

I'll come back next year with lots of new things to share with you. Thank you for being along with me on this ride and being part of my life.

Closing this post with a picture of me, but not because I'm narcissist (as you can see, this is not my best shot, not even the best angle ...), but to show you how I try to live most of my days and how life, despite all the bad things that surround us, should be lived: LOL! I do recommend!

I wish you all a 2013 filled with peace, health and joy! xoxo

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